Irinа Аnnenkova

Time will quietly take everything away. And there will be different torments in life. You can do absolutely anything. Just don't give up for this.
Brief biography
Irina А́nnenkova
Irina was born on February 22, 1999 in Sochi.
Master of Sports of Russia of international class.
She has been practicing gymnastics since she was seven and a half years old. A pupil of the Sochi specialized children's and youth school of the Olympic Reserve No. 2. A member of the national team of the Russian Federation.
Personal trainer - Irina Sergeevna Kameneva
Represents the Olympic Sochi Club.
Тренер Ирины
Irina Annenkova's coach, Irina Sergeevna Kameneva. Irina trains and plays for the Olympic club Sochi.
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Achievements of Irina Annenkova
At the Russian-Chinese Youth Games, she won two gold medals (all-around, ball) and three silver medals (clubs, ribbon, hoop). She also became the third at the Summer Spartakiad of Russian students in exercises with clubs.
Three-time European Junior champion (in a team, with a ribbon and with a ball). Champion in the individual championship in rhythmic gymnastics at the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing. In December 2015, she won the Russian Cup in rhythmic gymnastics.
In December 2015, she won the Russian Cup in rhythmic gymnastics.
In the 2015 season, Annenkova made her debut at the adult international level — it happened in February at the Grand Prix "Moscow".

In March, she took part in her second adult international tournament — the 6th Baltic Hoop International Tournament held on March 14-15 in Riga. There she took 2nd place in the all-around, losing only to Belarusian Melitina Stanyuta.

  • "Porto" 2017 - silver (all-around), gold (hoop, ribbon), silver (ball, clubs).
  • "Barcelona Cup" 2017 - gold (hoop, ball).
  • Russian Championship 2018 - bronze (hoop, ball), gold (ribbon).
  • "Deryugina Cup" 2018 - gold (all-around), gold (hoop, ribbon), silver (ball).
  • "Sofia Cup" 2018 - gold (all-around), gold (hoop, ball, ribbon), silver (clubs).
  • Luxembourg Trophy 2018 - bronze (all-around).
  • Russian Championship 2019 - silver (St. Petersburg team).
  • Russian Cup 2019 - gold (all-around).
Russian Championship 2020 - silver (St. Petersburg team), bronze (ball), silver (clubs).
  • Russian Championship 2021 - bronze (clubs), silver (St. Petersburg team).
  • Grand Prix Moscow 2021 - silver (all-around).
  • "Tart Cup" 2021 - bronze (all-around), silver (clubs).
  • "Montenegro Wild Beauty Cup" 2021 - gold (all-around), gold (hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon).
Irina Annenkova - exercise with a hoop
Irina Annenkova - exercise with clubs
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